About Ramses Buttons

Established in 1957, Ramses Button Co has grown steadily to become a leading polyester button factory in Egypt. 


The company’s method is:

 > Work with style shape and model design.

> Create sample production.

> Production in any quantity required.

> After sales support.


Ramses button focus to satisfy the customers with professional service during the productions, meeting the deadlines and have comprehensive after sales support. The full production capacity of the factory is 1.2 billion buttons per year. (8.3 million gross), There are more than 60 machines in operations, 50 staff, and several unique methods of production that allow the company maintain competitive pricing and efficient production. Today (2020) the organization supply buttons to the local market in Egypt via wholesalers and direct sales, producing more than 30% of the polyester buttons used in Egypt.


The strategy of Ramses Buttons is to export its products globally, and be recognised as one of the suppliers for polyester buttons in the world.



Be recognised as a reliable polyester button producer globally.



Supply Polyester Buttons to garment accessories wholesalers, and readymade garment manufacturers, around the world, ensuring our customers are getting:


•The best final product quality.

•Accurate delivery times.

•Most competitive prices.

•After sales delivery support and guarantee.

Ramses continually review the raw materials and monitor the suppliers to make sure the button production is made from the optimum quality of polyester, colours and other materials required. At the same time, the company try hard to maintain the best price in the market without losing the quality.