Our Factory

Located in Cairo, Egypt, Ramses buttons co. is using Bonneti Machinery, with Several Nova machines, and a large series of Futura, has full line production, from polyester raw material, colouring, both sheets and rods with more than 60 years’ experience. The company can make the cost of button, cheap and affordable for small and large factories.


Ramses button co. can support any large quantity efficiently, with strict quality control processes and shorting that can ensure that the buttons can be delivered to customers in high standards.


The production of polyester Buttons


There are different methods of producing polyester buttons.  Ramses button co. is using  2 lines of manufacturing the buttons. The sheet production line and the Rod production line, it all depends of the final product required.


Sheet production line


Normally buttons produced from sheets are one colour or multi colours in several layers. This method allows the production of several models that have a different view from each side. 


Rod production line


When it comes to models that have mixed colours within the button, imitate horn, the rod type production is the one.

With the rod type, the production is made by creating bars of polyester and “slice them” on a second stage, when in the sheet production the cutting is happening vertically on the sheet. 


Using Polyester


Polyester is a well-tested material in the buttons spectrum and it is the most adoptable and solid material used globally for button production. Many people refer to polyester buttons as “plastic buttons” since plastic is a most common world and use in the day to day life. The main reasons of the big demand are the low cost of production, and the ability to imitate many natural materials. 


With today’s technology and know-how Ramses Button co. can imitate all the physical materials with amazing quality.


The factory can imitate effects such as mother-of-perl, corozo, horn , wood, coconut, and many more. Also, the final product is a long-standing button, in extremely competitive price.


Polyester buttons can be used for shirts, trousers, suits, polo shirts, jackets, coats, uniforms, fashion accessories, toys, hand made crafts to even gifts!